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Our Story

Sun Rose Words & Music is a quaint, old-fashioned shop specializing in new books, office/computer/art supplies, greeting cards, and fun and regional complementary items, all at competitive prices, located in the heart of downtown Ocean City, New Jersey.


The first owner opened Sun Rose as a bookstore in June of 1973. The second owner added office supplies. The third owner, CDs.


When the fourth owners, Rosalyn Lifshin and Nancy Miller bought the business in September of 1998, they tried to update it as much as possible without losing its neighborhood charm. They added computer and art supplies, puzzles, games, cards (including the popular Papyrus line), and anything else they believed would bring the store into the 21st century. They even moved the business up one block in its 30th anniversary year to its current location to attract more traffic instead of just being a destination. However they never allowed Sun Rose to lose its intimate hometown flavor of warm and personalized service.


You’ll find a hassle-free, soothing music-filled environment filled with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. New and trending best sellers, classics, children's books, cookbooks, etc. Whatever we don’t have in stock, we’ll be glad to order for you. Most orders can be fulfilled within a few business days and there’s never an additional charge.


We are open seven days a week, year ‘round - except for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. During the summer and holiday seasons, we offer extended shopping hours.

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